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Capturing underwater worlds with Zach and Haley


Client Challenge

Zap Toys, a leading toy manufacturer, needed a partner to collaborate with on an educational game for Discovery Communications. This game would be the flagship creation for their series of games launching on behalf of the Discovery Kids brand. In order to reach a wide audience, the game needed to be non-violent along with gender and race neutral. Additionally, both mobile and tablet platforms needed to be supported. The high-level vision was to promote the spirit of exploration, but with the concept still in development, Zap Toys needed to understand the true potential of mobile game development before moving any further.

Our Solution

Through close collaboration, Zap Toys and Mindgrub developed a unique game featuring underwater worlds filled with colorful vegetation and native animals. Diverse ecosystems, like coral reefs, river basins, and deep underwater trenches serve as the backdrop for the game. To play, users simply choose between two characters, Zach or Haley, and then customize their outfit, hair, and skin color. The object of the game is to move through the water by collecting oxygen bubbles and photographing animals on the way. For an added educational component, the players’ snapshots are viewed on screen with interesting facts about the ecosystem and animals.

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