Dixon Valve

Fitting an International Valve Vendor with a New Web Presence


UX research, complete CMS development, and functionality upgrades aid in reinforcing a company’s influence in the manufacturing industry

Howard W. Goodall was an inventor, engineer, and salesman. Armed with first-hand knowledge of the needs of mining, oil, construction, and railroad industries in the United States, he founded Dixon Valve & Coupling Co. in 1916. It is through continued strength in leadership that Dixon Valve is an international retail vendor at the forefront of the hose coupling industry.

Recognizing the need to improve its online user experience (UX) and organizational structure as well as create a single site experience that could be pushed out to its international country sites, Dixon Valve reached out to Mindgrub for assistance. The UX research that Mindgrub gathered helped create a cohesive online experience to facilitate customer ordering. Mindgrub also created a multi-site instance of Dixon Valve’s Drupal CMS in order to provide site administrators with a better way of organizing the company’s products.

Other improvements included product taxonomy for search, the ability to update products in bulk, content localization, and the ability for administrators to manually update products for selected regions. The new website saw a 25% increase in traffic soon after it launched. Mindgrub currently maintains Dixon Valve’s website and provides mobile app, SEO, UX, and design support.

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