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Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions (DESS) is a new non-regulated commercial brand that unifies products and services offered by several Duke Energy subsidiaries. The organization leverages Duke Energy's deep industry experience to deliver tailored clean energy and infrastructure solutions at scale, empowering large enterprises to run stronger, more resilient operations.

Duke Energy Business Services contracted with Mindgrub to consolidate three existing websites—for Duke Energy One, REC Solar, and Duke Energy Renewables—into one, representing the new DESS brand identity.

Mindgrub designed and built a modern, accessible WordPress website that illustrates DESS’ consultative, comprehensive, and customer-focused approach to sustainable and renewable energy solutions.


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Web Development

DESS' website displayed on a laptop screen

The Opportunity

Organizations across the U.S. are looking for innovative ways to meet their energy and sustainability goals. They seek to lower emissions, reduce power costs, and create meaningful environmental and social change in their communities. The DESS website effortlessly equips visitors with the information they need to make important energy and infrastructure decisions.

Our Approach

To define business objectives, site goals, audiences, and project logistics, we employed our Sprint 0 / Discovery process. We used information gathered from a collaborative kickoff workshop, stakeholder interviews, a technical assessment, brand and content documentation, and competitor analyses to create and present a detailed project plan.

Working in a modified agile fashion, we conducted a content audit and created a site map, content plan, user personas, wireframes, and visual designs. We then used finalized project assets and specifications to develop the frontend and backend of the website, building an intuitive experience that moves visitors through specific journeys to achieve desired outcomes.

increase in overall web traffic
Compelling Content & Design Strategy

DESS describe themselves as ambitious, creative, and forward-thinking. The website needed to reflect and communicate these values to their diverse audience segments. We assisted the DESS team with organizing their content to optimize the customer journey. We also crafted a visual design strategy that leans into the legacy of the established Duke Energy brand while also introducing new colors and styles. The resulting approach positions DESS as its own entity while still maintaining strong ties to Duke Energy.

An arrow pointing in the downward direction
An arrow pointing in the downward direction
Unique Features

We used storytelling, bold visual design, and delightful interactions to set DESS apart from conventional industry standards—because DESS is not a conventional company. The following creative elements provided a captivating digital user experience to help increase the level of interest in the content and promote better memory recall, shares, and revisits.

Scrolling features on the DESS website

Parallax storytelling

Guides visitors using interactive storytelling and motion design

Resources on the DESS website

Flexible content cards

Organizes content in a natural, appealing manner

Components of the DESS website

Detailed component library

Standardizes UX/UI and development, enhancing the overall user experience

increase in organic traffic
Three DESS web pages
Three DESS web pages
Building with WordPress

DESS selected WordPress and the WordPress VIP platform for their best-in-class reliability, security, and scalability. WordPress VIP is specifically built for high-growth users, empowering digital teams to innovate effectively and often. The core and custom WordPress blocks that we configured for DESS allow their content administrators to quickly and easily add, update, and reorder content. Here are some of the other systems and tools we used to develop the site:

  • Pardot
    Enables DESS to build and maintain an efficient sales pipeline
  • Yoast SEO
    Helps DESS optimize content for search engines, driving more traffic to the site
  • Lottie
    Eases the implementation of Adobe After Effects animations into code, allowing our team to do more in less time
increase in site health score
Energy-related icons
Energy-related icons

"The Mindgrub website development team exceeded our expectations in every step of our website development. From our initial project exploration until the on-time website launch, they’ve been professional, creative, and dependable."

Ann Kroll, Managing Director Marketing and Demand Generation, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions
Results & Continued Collaboration

We designed, developed, and launched a website that reflects DESS’ leading voice in sustainable energy and positions them as a trusted partner. Site visitors are delighted with awe-inspiring visual designs—a fresh take on the conventional energy industry—and can easily locate the information they seek.

Two months after launch, overall web traffic increased by 87.5% and of that, organic traffic increased by 200%. Of the pages that drive the most organic traffic, resource pages and solutions landing pages account for seven of the top ten. The site’s health score increased by 35% in one month following its original post-launch assessment. These preliminary findings indicate that the site is highly visible to search engines and effective at attracting visitors.

We continue to provide DESS with website maintenance and development support to ensure the ongoing performance of the site through proactive site monitoring, plugin updates, and issue resolution. Through our collaborative partnership with DESS, we will also assist with search engine optimization (SEO) and strategic planning and implementation for paid campaigns to continue to increase brand awareness and drive new, qualified leads to the site.

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