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It seems like every day a new mobile game or video on Youtube has gone viral as new technology has generated a huge expansion in entertainment options. With video game systems creating a boom in at-home gaming, plus the growing popularity of smartphone applications, games can now be played almost anywhere. This wide variety of entertainment outlets is both good and bad for companies. On one hand, there are many more channels to present a game to the public. But on the other hand, many other developers are also taking advantage of this. To really make an impact on the public, both marketing and game design must be top notch.

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Our marketing team is fully prepared to help you get your game’s name out there. From videos to social media campaigns, we do it all. Mindgrub Games, our game design division, has plenty of experience with pushing games to the Apple app store, Google Play, and the Windows Phone app store. To find out more about our gaming division, check out Mindgrub Games.

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Technology has brought sweeping changes to the look and feel of the modern entertainment industry. From special effects in movies and the realism in video games to loading thousands of albums on your smartphone for easy, on-the-go listening, technology has greatly improved the way we occupy our down time.

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