Facilitating the dispersal of school content with mobile technology


Client Challenge

Finalsite is a learning management system that provides the tools to expand a classroom with online technologies. In hopes of harnessing newer technology, Finalsite wanted to extend their school portal services into mobile. With hopes to create a mobile way to manage and distribute school information content, Finalsite called on Mindgrub to help develop an application.

Our Solution

Mindgrub created an iOS and Android mobile application that Finalsite could offer its clients as a way to manage and distribute content for secondary schools. The framework that Mindgrub developed had Finalsite components that could easily be branded for different clients. This allowed schools to distribute their unique content such as events, athletics, directories, and push notifications directly to their students, alumni, and faculty on their mobile devices. Finalsite could offer their clients custom mobile applications to fit each school’s needs with a click of a button.

More features

Push Notifications

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