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The challenges in the financial industries have laid the groundwork for the implementation of technology in this field. We have come a long way from the fear of combining technology and finance, especially in banking. The problems plaguing the industry since then have only bolstered technology’s involvement.

The clients’ demand for more information at a faster speed along with the globalization of the workforce are the major reasons why this industry has changed. These are both factors that have lead the finance service companies to look towards technology when solving incessant industry problems.

How Mindgrub can help

In the past we have worked closely with The Economist to sift through data collected by the Economist Intelligence Unit. From this information we were able to create interactive charts and graphs to help convey financial research data to any other businesses or users who might need it. This data, once conveyed, was a fine balance of informative and pleasing to the eye.

Our SalesBag application was one that would help their salespeople interact much better with their customers and connect the different aspects of the Wheelhouse Analytics company flow in a uniform manner.

More about Financial Technology

Technology has long played a key role in the financial services, but today a number of new trends are emerging to transform the industry. In our present financial industry, technology is no longer a nice necessity, but rather embedded at the root.

The three distinct areas where technology has changed this industry are Analytics, eTrading, and Portfolio Allocation. However, no matter how entrenched technology gets in our finances, there will always be a fine line to walk between ease of access and security of consumer data.

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