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Client Challenge

A movie streaming company, FlixFling, allows users to watch their favorite movies and fling them from device to device. In order to support this value proposition and device support, they needed to expand their integration beyond their in-house iOS development capabilities. With the growing popularity of Android devices, they wanted to move quickly into the Android app market. Additionally, with the launch of Google TV, they needed a company that could build the functionality for both Android mobile and connected television.

Our Solution

As an experienced Android developer, Mindgrub was able to step in and support FlixFling’s internal development team. At the time, Google TV was a new platform, so it required some additional research and experimentation. More specifically, it uses the Anymote Protocol, which allows developers to enable mobile apps to communicate with Google TV. Mindgrub went above and beyond to learn the platform and create a seamless integration for the video streaming service.


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