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Today, the gaming industry is a saturated market with a plethora of titles that appeal to every gamer’s style, especially in the mobile space. While the development of video games for consoles and computers are still active, the development of mobile games is exploding.

In the early years, putting a cool game in the store was all you needed to do but today with millions of apps and games available for download, additional steps are needed to rise above the noise and drive downloads, increase popularity, and get a return on your investment.

How Mindgrub can help

Harkening back to those earlier arcade times, Mindgrub designed and created a game called Rescue Jump. This Rescue Jump is essentially an updated mobile version of one of the first ever Nintendo games, Fire. In the process of modernization, this new Mindgrub rendition of a classic game loses none of the addictive fun of the original.

We’ve also created many other games in addition to Rescue Jump, including Windsquire, Avoid the Flood, and more. All of these can be played on both iOS and Android, and more information can be found at Mindgrub Games

More about Gaming Technology

The video game industry began in the early 1970s with arcade games. Soon, games made an introduction into the home market with the release of video game consoles. By the end of the decade, the personal computer gaming industry began forming when personal computers were widely available.

The industry continued to grow every year and with the advancement of computing technology, games have since made their way to mobile devices, putting the magic that began with the big box arcade games into nearly every person’s pocket.

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