Goldwell Mobile App

Mix hair color with your mobile phone


Client Challenge

Goldwell, a professional beauty product company, was looking to create an application that supported their brand, sales staff, and introduced the benefits of their product line to the community of salons and stylists. Goldwell also wanted to focus on the numbers -- showing salons that the quality of Goldwell products actually save them money in the long run. In addition to the cost-analysis functionality, the solution also needed a sleek, sexy design that would fit with the Goldwell brand.

Our Solution

With Goldwell’s vision in mind, Mindgrub developed an iOS application for both iPhone and iPad. The app allows a salesperson to demonstrate how much money a salon could save by switching to the Goldwell product line. To enhance in-person presentations to salon owners, Mindgrub tapped into Goldwell’s data reserves and integrated a powerful savings calculator tool. By entering actual salon-customer data, they were able to present a personalized and tangible advantage to choosing Goldwell products.

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