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The United States federal government spends billions of dollars anually, but struggles to keep up with evolving technologies.

On top of pouring tons of money into technologically based projects, the provider does not always deliver upon their promises, as seen with many states (including Maryland) attempting to put the Affordable Care Act into place. As for nonprofit organizations, resource shortages are a key factor in their inability to integrate advanced technologies into operations.

How Mindgrub can help

Catapult, a project of Women Deliver, is a crowdfunding website that benefits women and children in need. The nonprofit organization is partially curated by the likes of Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Musimbi Kanyoro, and more. Mindgrub designed the platform to be both functional and user-friendly in an efficient manner.

One of Mindgrub’s government projects includes a recent app created for the Nevada state government, which allows users to report floods in real time. It also included a gamified aspect, Avoid the Flood! which would inform players of flood safety facts while they played the game.

More on Government and Nonprofit Technology

Government and nonprofit companies are always looking for the latest innovation from the private sector. Technology has been implemented within governments and nonprofits to develop information strategies in order to drive innovation and enhance the quality of public services offered.

The Government in particular has had an interesting history with technology from the introduction of C-SPAN on public television to the current transition in health care systems with websites currently being designed and put into action. Nonprofits have likewise focused on technology, with whole communities centering around it as of late.

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