GP Strategies Tablet App

Making learning management mobile


Client Challenge

GP Strategies is a global provider of sales and technical training based in Columbia, Maryland. Their focus surrounds e-learning solutions, management consulting, and engineering services. They needed a partner to help them create a high-fidelity prototype of a collaborative learning management system. This prototype would be a tool for research and sales while also helping them achieve their investment goals. In the end, it needed to have the look and feel of a real application, but with more paired down functionality.

Our Solution

Based on their target market, Mindgrub created an iOS prototype for GP Strategies’ collaborative learning environment. Mindgrub also created an interactive iPad prototype that demonstrated a vast number of capabilities such as profile management, content storage, content sharing, and collaboration. In order to emphasize the collaborative environment, Mindgrub incorporated functionality, such as social integration, a whiteboard space, and article sharing.

More features

Digital Whiteboard
YouTube Integration
Streaming Video Server
Interactive Media
PDF Viewer

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