Digital Upgrades Provide Complete Audio Adventure Immersion


Matching functionality and intuitive design to develop a sleek audiobook mobile app

GraphicAudio has provided action-packed adventures in an audio digital experience since 2004, from its production studios and distribution facility in Rockville, Maryland. Over 1,000 titles have been produced. GraphicAudio partnered with Mindgrub to enhance its readers’ digital experience, starting with the mobile app, to deliver a vastly improved customer experience.

After an insightful review of the brand and company assets, Mindgrub provided updated Android and iOS versions of the application. Subscribers can jump right to their favorite audiobook series with just a tap of a button or two. Whether users are running errands or stuck in traffic, this app’s versatility offers continuous entertainment.

Built-in search functionality allows subscribers to easily explore and filter titles and genres available to suit their interests. Other features include customization of personal libraries and the ability to rewind, fast forward, play, and pause right from the phone’s lock screen, without opening the application. For more information, check out GraphicAudio’s digital teaser or download the app today.

More features

Recommendation Engine
Analytics & Reporting
Database Integration

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