Strengthening an international adhesive manufacturer’s relationship with its clients through digital services

Founded by Harvey Benjamin Fuller more than a century ago, H.B. Fuller is a U.S. company that manufactures innovative industrial adhesives, sealants, and specialty materials supplied around the world. Mindgrub has helped H.B. Fuller with multiple digital product development initiatives over the past several years.

TEC®, an H.B. Fuller brand, offers an online Coverage Calculator, allowing customers to calculate the estimated amount of surface preparation products, mortars, and grouts necessary for a tile installation project. To make the calculator accessible to contractors and customers on the go, we moved the existing logic to a mobile environment that provides step-by-step input screens for users. Some of the app's features and capabilities include:

  1. Project specifications displayed in different units of measurement (e.g., pounds, gallons, bags, or pails)
  2. Ability to save material plans that can be accessed later, using “My Saved Jobs”
  3. Links to specific TEC® product pages relevant to job requirements and location information for a sales representative in the user's area
  4. Opportunities to watch TEC’s YouTube channel from the home screen
  5. Clickable phone numbers and email options from the contact screen

In addition to the customer-facing mobile app, we developed an enterprise app to help H.B. Fuller sales representatives navigate product catalogs and improve their chances of closing deals. The mobile app serves as a comprehensive directory of all the glues and adhesives currently offered by H.B. Fuller.

After conducting in-depth user testing sessions and analyzing the resulting feedback, we created an intuitive user experience and implemented a powerful search feature. The mobile application is a significant improvement over hard-copy catalogs that lacked the most up-to-date information and did not allow the end user to quickly access specific information.

Monthly active users (MAUs) of the enterprise app have increased by over 145% since the introduction of the new application, driving an increase in closed sales and customer satisfaction. H.B. Fuller is very happy with the level of service and customer care that Mindgrub continues to deliver.

H.B. Fuller enterprise app in use. H.B. Fuller enterprise app product selection properties. H.B. Fuller coverage calculator app.
H.B. Fuller enterprise app in use. H.B. Fuller enterprise app product selection properties. A picture of a contractor's belt. H.B. Fuller coverage calculator app.


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