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The health industry is one of the latest to enter the tech world, and also one of the largest. Although great progress has been made, there are still a great deal of challenges associated with implementing technology into health and wellness, university and security being two of the most important. When it comes to harnessing technology in this industry, precision and compliance are key.

How Mindgrub Can Help

Mindgrub has been able to overcome these challenges and present technical solutions that fulfill the needs and wants of health-centered clients. Our solutions have presented valuable information to those in medical need in both the US and across the country. We have developed a mobile application that provides users with current wait times for emergency rooms in the Northern Virginia area, along with on-hand medical advice for first responders. Additionally, we’ve worked with Danya to develop a mobile application to help citizens in Kenya access information regarding the location of important services such as AIDS testing, clean water, vaccination centers, general medical clinics, and more.

More about Health IT

The health and wellness industry has come a long way from paper medical records and manual fitness tracking. The incorporation of technology into health and wellness is sure to improve methods of managing records related to medical treatment. Harnessing technology will also encourage good lifestyle choices through advanced applications like fitness monitoring.

The health and wellness industry was one of the first to go beyond mobile and internet-based solutions. Wearable technology has taken the industry by storm and is expected to continue to present solutions through 2018.

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