Escape from Detention

Helping kids learn game development


Client Challenge

In 2012, the Howard County Library System was awarded a STEM grant from the MacArthur Foundation. With this grant, they established the Hi-Tech STEM lab program to engage students with mobile gaming technology. Participating students would be completely immersed in the the process of creative game ideation, design, and development. In order to make this program successful, they needed a partner that would be able to facilitate both the learning experience and game development.

Our Solution

As a fully-staffed technology innovation agency, Mindgrub was the perfect fit. Over six weeks, Mindgrub employees led a series of workshops that exposed students to the concepts of game theory and design. Through creative brainstorming, students shaped a game called Escape! From Detention. Each hands-on workshop focused on specific areas of the game -- from character descriptions to sound effects. The Mindgrub team then brought the students’ vision to life by using the popular game development program, Corona. Today, the Hi-Tech STEM lab has exposed well over 1,200 students to the world of game development. Escape! From Detention is currently available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

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