Providing coaches with the tools to keep athletes safe


Client Challenge

Inova was in need of a unique way to promote safety at an upcoming youth sports event. With coaches as the target audience, Inova envisioned an app that would help coaches make the call on whether or not to cancel practice and also facilitate the process of notifying parents.

Our Solution

Mindgrub turned Inova’s vision into a solid Android and iOS mobile application that went above and beyond Inova’s expectations.

The Coach Safely mobile app offers a variety of features that allow visitors to easily pull up information on the health system’s six hospitals and nine emergency room locations throughout Northern Virginia. With GPS enabled, coaches can determine how to get their players the fastest professional care with estimated ER drive times based on traffic, location, and current wait time.

Mindgrub also integrated weather services and developed an algorithm for visual, real-time weather updates to help coaches make the call to cancel practice during inclement weather. In the event of a head injury, coaches who are first responders can use Coach Safely to easily access a concussion guide for vital questions to ask and the signs and symptoms to look for in athletes. If a coach needs help determining care, Inova’s experts are available to answer any pressing questions through a physician finder that is built directly into the app.

More features

Web Service Integration
Google Maps
Weather Services Integration
Algorithm for Warning Levels
Location Based Services / GIS

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