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The manufacturing industry faces numerous challenges in today’s world. The four most challenging objectives are dealing with intense global competition, retaining skilled laborers, handling cost pressures, and adapting to different consumer needs. When used and adapted, technology in this industry can solve the problems to ultimately improve almost all operations.

How Mindgrub can help

The Mindgrub team in the past has worked with Dixon Valve, a manufacturing supplier whose clients span five continents and retains facilities in eleven states. We worked to help this historical company keep pace with modern times by providing them with an efficient and user-friendly website. In addition to working with Dixon, we have also helped update H.B. Fuller’s website, an adhesives manufacturer.

More about Manufacturing Technology

The main goal of the manufacturing industry adapting to current technologies is to improve efficiency and profitability. To do so, manufacturers implement certain designs and processes involving management, operations, and maintenance.

Latest developments in technology, such as big data, automation, robotics, and other emerging technology topics are currently sweeping the industry, changing it in ways none could have envisioned.

The introduction of Additive Manufacturing, or 3D Printing, has transformed the way in which goods go through the manufacturing process in addition to having opened up a whole world of software development.

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