User-friendly web platform helps put Marylanders back on the road

Established by the Maryland legislature in 1972, the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (known as Maryland Auto) is an independent agency that provides motor vehicle liability insurance to residents who are unable to obtain insurance in the private market.

In 2017, Maryland Auto was selected to administer the state’s uninsured vehicle fine forgiveness program (known as FineFix). Maryland Auto contracted with Mindgrub to develop an intuitive online experience that makes it easier for individuals with insurance fines to pay back their debts.

Mobile website screen showing the program steps and login screen

The Opportunity

In 2016, the Maryland General Assembly established an amnesty program to recover fees from drivers with outstanding fines and reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on the road. Now administered by Maryland Auto in partnership with the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA), FineFix gives eligible participants the opportunity to pay 20% of their uninsured automotive fines and have the other 80% forgiven. At the time, a total of nearly $760 million in auto insurance fines was owed to the MDOT MVA by more than 300,000 unique drivers.

Our Approach

Using stakeholder interviews, requirements definition, and technical architecture diagramming as part of our comprehensive “Sprint 0” discovery process, we gained valuable insights into Maryland Auto and the FineFix program. We developed user journeys and workflow recommendations to help streamline the user experience as much as possible for diverse audience segments. To ensure the platform was scalable, accessible, and secure, we provided enterprise-grade Drupal development services. We also built out integrations between the web application, Maryland Auto’s bookkeeping software, and several other third-party software systems to aggregate and validate data.

In order to create a successful user experience, the FineFix platform needed to achieve the following:

  • Be accessible to both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking users
  • Accept various types of payment, including cash
  • Educate drivers about new laws and regulations
  • Generate auto insurance quotes based on user information
  • Automatically prompt flags placed on licenses and vehicles to be lifted upon program completion
million page views
Key Website Features

Powered by a robust backend and engaging, user-facing content, the FineFix website guides drivers through the program’s process to help them quickly and easily achieve their goals.

Contact us form

Intuitive Form Submission

With educational tool tips and error handling

FineFix program eligibility

2-Factor Lookup

A secure way for users to check their payments without needing to remember login credentials

FineFix payment plan options

Payment Options

Users can choose to pay their remaining balance in full or register for a payment plan

Desktop and mobile screens showing information about the FineFix program

Responsive Design

For ease of use on any internet-connected device

FineFix resources screen

Call Center Support

Multiple ways for users to find information and connect with program representatives

An illustration showing the process of completing an application form to receiving an insurance quote

Seamless Transitions

From completed application forms to prep-populated, data-driven insurance quotes

Login screen in Spanish and English

Bilingual Experience

Easily toggle between English and Spanish versions of the website

program participants
Smartphone screen showing FineFix program information with larger callouts to specific information
Smartphone screen showing FineFix program information with larger callouts to specific information
Red and yellow design pattern
Red and yellow design pattern
million in outstanding fines collected
City street with buildings and parked vehicles
City street with buildings and parked vehicles

“The FineFix project was a massive collaboration between multiple entities including several governmental agencies, a call center and community resources. The Mindgrub team led us through this complicated process with a commitment to our shared goals and timelines. They listened and challenged and learned about our business. Together, we produced a system that has delivered strong measurable results from every perspective."

Cathy Nyce, Director of Marketing & Communications, Maryland Auto
Results that Matter

By leveraging agile software development processes and user experience best practices, we were able to deliver a web platform that helped improve the success rate of the FineFix program and increase Maryland Auto’s customer base. The site has also been recognized for communications excellence by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), receiving two Communicator Awards of Distinction in the Insurance Website category and the Features, Best User Experience category.

Sixteen months after launching, page views on the FineFix site exceeded 1.1 million, more than 23,400 drivers participated in the program, and the organization collected over $7.7 million in outstanding fines. Once these program participants complete the online amnesty program, the total value of fines forgiven is estimated to total over $37 million.

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