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Convenient, User-Friendly Web Platform Helps Put Marylanders Back on the Road


“The FineFix project was a massive collaboration between multiple entities including several governmental agencies, a call center and community resources. The complex, multiple interfaces needed to be built on our legacy systems. The website needed to be accessible and inspire confidence in a target audience of skeptical consumers. And the overall project had to comply with legislative directives as well as Maryland Auto’s mission. The Mindgrub team led us through this complicated process with a commitment to our shared goals and timelines. They listened and challenged and learned about our business. And in the end, together, we produced a system that has delivered strong measurable results from every perspective."

~Cathy Nyce, Director of Marketing & Communications, Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund

Established by the Maryland legislature in 1972, the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (Maryland Auto) is an independent agency that provides motor vehicle liability insurance to residents who are unable to obtain insurance in the private market.

In 2017, Maryland Auto was selected to administer the state of Maryland’s amnesty program for drivers with outstanding insurance fines, totalling nearly $760 million at the time. There were numerous obstacles to collecting those fees from drivers, including the fact that drivers had to visit the Central Collection Unit in person to pay fines if they wanted to participate in the amnesty program. Maryland Auto contracted with Mindgrub to develop a web platform that would remove friction from the payment process, thereby increasing participation in the program (i.e., FineFix).

The platform needed to:

  • Accept various types of payment, including cash
  • Automatically prompt flags placed on licenses and vehicles to be lifted
  • Provide an auto insurance quote
  • Educate drivers about new laws and regulations
  • Be accessible to both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking users

Through comprehensive research and our discovery process, we were able to scope and build an exceptional web experience for Maryland Auto and their customers. We provided:

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Leveraging an agile software development process, we prioritized and built the most important platform features at the beginning of the project while also making improvements as we learned more about the technical feasibility and availability of certain APIs. Maryland Auto’s FineFix web platform consists of a robust, data-driven backend and an intuitive user experience on the frontend.

After the first five months, the FineFix site received a total of 510,000 page views and helped attract 13,800 participants for a total of $2.8 million collected. Once all debtors complete the amnesty program, they will have a combined total of $20 million in fines forgiven.

Sprint 0 / Discovery exercises, including stakeholder interviews, requirements definition, and technical architecture diagramming
User journey and workflow recommendations, simplifying the user experience and process as much as possible for a diverse audience
Enterprise Drupal development services, ensuring the platform was scalable, accessible, and secure
Multiple system integrations with Maryland Auto’s bookkeeping software and other third-party providers to aggregate and validate data

More features

Amazon Web Services
Online payment
Multiple languages
Mobile responsive
Marketing automation

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