Windsquire Mobile Game

Escaping from dragon castle with an indie game


Client Challenge

Mindgrub Games was looking to launch an independently produced game that would feature the breadth of this division’s skills in game ideation, design, development, and marketing. The team wanted to use this game to showcase their experience in the process, planning, and promotion of gaming apps. It would also serve as a test case for new user acquisition strategies. With an endless number of storyline possibilities and existing games, Mindgrub Games needed a one-of-a-kind concept to build a truly unique mobile gaming experience.

Our Solution

Through brainstorming sessions and extensive research, Mindgrub Games developed a completely original, addicting game that combines skill-based racing and maze-like obstacles. The game, Windsquire: Escape from Dragon Castle, consists of rich illustrations, complex level editing, difficulty balancing, design asset tracking, and memory restrictions. To ensure extended gameplay, there are five themed stages and 100 unique levels. Windsquire is currently available for download for iPhone and Android devices.

More features

In-App Purchases
Social Share Integration
iAds Integration
Push Notifications
User Testing
Custom Level Editor
Ad Platform Integration
User Tracking

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