Facilitating the system of sales by digitizing the sales pipeline


Client Challenge

NetApp, a network data storage and management solutions company, often gathers its business contacts in bulk at large conference events. Creating a database of newly obtained business prospects using pen and paper and then transferring the contacts into NetApp’s CRM was time consuming. NetApp turned to Mindgrub for help on creating an iPad app to facilitate storing and organizing new contact information so they could efficiently fill the sales pipeline.

Our Solution

Mindgrub created an event management iPad app that syncs with NetApp’s CRM, Eloqua. Due to spotty wifi in most conference centers, Mindgrub programmed the application to have internal storage on the device and only sync with NetApp’s CRM when wifi connection is available or if an employee initiated a sync. By doing so, NetApp knew that the application was reliable and would capture data regardless of wifi signal strength. If a contact should leave a field blank or more information needs to be entered, the iPad application allows for NetApp employees to enter in additional lead information even after the contact form is submitted. Furthermore, Mindgrub synced the app with NetApp’s email responses for event attendance inquiries. This gave NetApp an idea of which leads from their existing database were attending so that they could pinpoint leads that could be further nurtured. Finally, strategic giveaways were enabled with lead information so that NetApp could easily choose a winner.

At the core

More features

Eloqua CRM Integration
Randomization Algorithm

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