Parking Mobile App

Mapping parking spots for Baltimore and beyond


Client Challenge

Parking Panda is a Baltimore-based company that helps users easily reserve guaranteed parking in over 40 cities. They needed to create a mobile experience for both Android and iOS devices to help facilitate reservations on-the-go. With an existing web experience, they understood the logistics but could not shoulder the development. Native mobile apps would allow users to have a dedicated entrance point to reserve parking anywhere, anytime.

Our Solution

Mindgrub stepped in to build the native app experience, integrate their existing database, and establish a mobile mapping experience. The User Experience team translated existing web functionality into the mobile frameworks, the design team applied cohesive brand styling, and the development team navigated the specifications set forth by each operating system and the Parking Panda team. One specification called for the integration of Google Wallet. Through negotiations with Google, Mindgrub was able to achieve a single login payment experience that facilitated conversion. In order to measure their success, mobile analytics were incorporated.

More features

Database Integration
Google Maps Integration
Objective C
Google Wallet
Mobile Payments
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Exposed API
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