DJ Stream Mobile App

The first app to unite speaker, phone, & DJs


Client Challenge

Polk Audio, a popular manufacturer of innovative home speaker systems, was looking to develop a mobile app. They needed a partner to be involved in the manufacturing process of their new speaker in order to develop a completely integrated experience. More than a feature, the app would become a key selling point for their new Camden Square Speaker. Their high-level goal was to create a fully functional, but totally revolutionary customer journey that would reinforce Polk’s innovative approach to audio mechanics and separate them from the competition.

Our Solution

Mindgrub created a social jukebox app, called DJ Stream, which allows up to four DJs of a party to stream their music to Polk’s new Camden Square Speaker. This one-of-a-kind app interacts with this speaker by allowing the DJs of the party to connect with the device via bluetooth and add songs to the group playlist, share their music, and earn DJ Points. Everyone at the party can interact with the app by voting or playing their own Solo Gig. The Polk DJ Steam app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

More features

Embedded System
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