A strategic multisite solution improves engagement with health care professionals, patients and their loved ones

PTC Therapeutics (PTC) is an international commercial, diversified biopharmaceutical company with a business footprint in more than 50 countries. Since its founding by Stuart Peltz in 1998, the company has focused on addressing rare genetic disorders using innovative small molecule and gene therapies, and has recently expanded into oncology and virology therapeutic research.

To better convey PTC’s industry expertise and improve the digital experience for patients and their families, health care providers, and stakeholders in multiple countries, PTC contracted with Mindgrub to redesign their corporate communications websites.

Mindgrub developed a cohesive solution to be applied across 14 websites, providing PTC with the ease and flexibility to host and share content with their diverse audience segments.

The Opportunity

The massive shift to digital in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic has made it increasingly important for businesses to provide site visitors with intuitive experiences backed by robust software systems. Organizations operating in multiple countries must also provide access to content in several different languages and cater to the interests of diverse populations in order to stay competitive in their respective markets.

Our Approach

To learn more about PTC and their user types, we started with a discovery process that included technical assessments and content audits. We used the information to create a project plan, sitemaps, wireframes, moodboards, concept designs, and web style guidelines that we presented for PTC’s review. Working in agile sprints, we then implemented the new design assets, optimized and migrated all other content, and performed quality assurance testing.

The headless installation of WordPress powers multiple React user interfaces, reducing costs associated with content sharing across multiple platforms, streamlining the development and content population processes, and ultimately providing end users with a seamless digital experience.

Pairing strategic software development with a refreshed look and feel creates powerful website experiences

Web Design & Optimization

We enhanced the aesthetics, functionality, and performance of each website to drive more traffic and increase conversions. Some of those elements include:


Well-organized content pathways reduce cognitive load and help users quickly find information.


Web analysis techniques allow PTC to monitor, learn from, and make adjustments based on user behaviors.


Following the latest WCAG accessibility guidelines makes sites more inclusive for people with disabilities


Consent agreements help users understand data tracking policies and make it easier for PTC to comply with regulations.


Unique video embedded into the header of each homepage invites users to explore more of PTC’s offerings.

System Architecture Matters

The headless WordPress multisite CMS architecture:

  • Increased website response times by shifting some of the data processing to web browsers or physical devices
  • Eliminated the need for multiple hosting environments and duplication of data across multiple systems

The same APIs used to power PTC’s 14 websites can be used for mobile applications and other third-party platforms that can consume an API. Additionally, this decoupled architecture will help reduce the amount of time needed to update the websites in the future.

Hosting & Integrations

We selected Pantheon and Amazon Web Services to host the web backend and frontends, respectively, because of their ease of use, affordability, and high availability. We also integrated the sites with other systems to make them easier for PTC content administrators to manage, such as:

  • DocCheck
    Authenticates certified healthcare professionals visiting PTC’s Austrian and German websites, permitting access to protected pharmaceutical information 
  • CookiePro
    Ensures PTC is compliant with all applicable data privacy laws (e.g., GDPR, CCPA)
  • Google Tag Manager
    Allows PTC to deploy and change web tags all in one place so that they can track activity across their sites and use that information to optimize content

"Working with the Mindgrub team has been a wonderful, fruitful experience for PTC digital. We have been able to produce a global ecosystem of dynamic websites AND improve usability on our main corporate website. The project was well-managed, creative and professional – plus, we had a lot of fun! Not only have we achieved our site accessibility goals, but we now communicate more effectively with PTC stakeholders, telling the PTC story through this engaging digital channel."

Rachel Mohel, Director, Digital & Corporate Communications, PTC

Continued Collaboration

PTC’s new websites are more accessible, easier to navigate, and offer a modern look and feel. We continue to work closely with PTC to launch the remaining country-specific websites. For the sites that have recently launched, we are providing ongoing DevOps support and have started a new phase of the collaboration to further improve the user experience, content strategy, and other digital marketing strategies. Once fully implemented, our recommendations will help the PTC team populate and manage content more efficiently and ultimately reinforce PTC’s reputation as an international leader in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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