Madar Al­-Huruf

Connecting cultures through responsive app development


Client Challenge

Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is a devoted educational organization focused on connecting cultures and promoting understanding through the use of academic programs. One of their core focal points is using effective technology to facilitate cross-cultural discussion. They approached Mindgrub to update and revise their “Wheel of Letters” app, a language tool that introduces beginners to the Arabic Alphabet.

Our Solution

Mindgrub provided a user friendly, touch­responsive mobile platform for both Android and Apple devices based off QFI’s Arabic transliteration wheel developed by graphic designer, Moneera Al­Badi, and US­based Arabic teachers, Fatima Abdulkadhem and Nour Jandali. Mindgrub designed a clean and organized app based on the original “Wheel of Letters” design by Al­Badi.

The app has two modes: a “write your name wizard” and an “advanced mode.” The “write your name wizard” walks users through QFI’s TSCTSC strategy to help them learn the process of writing a name out in Arabic, establishing a learning method before interaction with the rotatable wheel. The advanced mode allows users to interact directly with the touch­sensitive rotatable wheel, helping users find the Arabic letter that corresponds to its English counterpart. The app also features audio pronunciation of each letter and the ability to create a sticker of the user’s finished Arabic name, which they can then share to social media. It’s clear and concise instructions guide users through the process with ease.

More features

Responsive Design

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