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“Working with Mindgrub has been a seamless and enjoyable experience. As a result of the development of this mobile application, Mindgrub brought our Tilemaker platform to life and this educational resource can now be easily accessed and enjoyed by students and educators both in and outside of the classroom. Mindgrub’s design team played a pivotal role in streamlining the application and the user’s experience. The development team executed the project to our exact needs while also providing helpful insights to ensure a high quality product. We loved working with Mindgrub on this project and highly recommend them to any organization for website or mobile application development."

~Craig Cangemi, Senior Program Officer, QFI

Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is a not for profit organization that promotes global competency and a better understanding of the Arabic language as well as Arab culture through innovative programming for K-12 educators. An important tenet of QFl's work is the use of technology to facilitate cross-cultural discussion, and Mindgrub continues to support many of the multilingual digital products required to advance this part of their mission.

“Madar Al-Huruf” is Arabic for “wheel of letters.” This mobile application is a language learning tool that introduces beginners to the Arabic alphabet. Mindgrub designed and engineered a user-friendly, touch-­responsive mobile platform for Android and iOS devices based on QFI’s Arabic transliteration wheel (which was developed by graphic designer Moneera Al­Badi).

The “Madar Al-Huruf” app has two modes:

  • Write your name wizard - where users are guided through QFI’s TSCTSC strategy to help them learn the process of writing a name in Arabic (this establishes a learning method before users interact with the rotatable wheel)
  • Advanced mode - where users can interact directly with the rotatable wheel, helping them find Arabic letters that correspond to their English counterparts

The app also features the audio pronunciation of each letter and the ability to create a sticker of the user’s finished Arabic name, which they can then share via social media. Clear and concise instructions guide users through the entire app experience with ease.

In 2018, Mindgrub completed QFI’s accompanying iOS and Android mobile apps to its Tilemaker website. Our user experience and visual design teams created an intuitive interface that allows teachers and students to learn about the Arabic tradition of mosaic tile design and the practical application of geometry (symmetry, radius, etc.). Users can then design their own tiles by drawing and tapping for a more hands-on experience, creating a unique mosaic design that they can share on social media.

“Madar Al-Huruf” won an award for mobile innovation from the UN-based World Summit Awards (WSA). Since the release of each of the mobile apps, QFI has seen a significant increase in classroom app usage.

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