Clark County Regional Flood Control District

Promoting Flood Awareness with an Educational Game


The Regional Flood Control District in Clark County, Nevada is in charge of minimizing the risk of damage during regional flash floods. Primarily, they look to protect life and property from the dangers caused by flooding. The agency wanted a way to educate county residents on the dangers of regional flooding in a fun and engaging way.

After research and collaborative planning, Mindgrub created an iOS and Android application that gave users an interactive way to report local floods, access flood data on a map, check traffic, and review local weather conditions. Mindgrub maximized engagement by incorporating a game into the app. In the game, users travel down the street and dodge obstacles like pooled flood water. Educational information is peppered throughout the game so that users can easily learn flood facts in an interactive, gamified way.

More features

Admin Interface
Social Share Integration
Push Notifications
Weather Data Integration

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