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For most startups, 100% of their value is based on their intellectual property, but studies show that only 75% of startups actually own their IP address. It is important for technology startups to create a strategy to protect their property early in the development of the company.

Everyone hopes their company will become the next Google, but the failure rate with startups is very high. Betting on these startups is difficult, as most of them will never get off the ground.

How Mindgrub can help

Since Mindgrub itself began as a startup, we are certainly interested in helping other companies early in their beginnings get their own footing.

We have displayed this many times, but especially with the startup Parking Panda, whose app and website, designed by Mindgrub, help their customers find and prepay for parking. What began as a small startup has now become a national company, with their services providing parking in 40 cities.

More about Startup Technology

Startup businesses consist of all types of businesses but the most well-known, successful startups have been in the technology field. The dot-com boom around the turn of the century produced a large number of internet startups, providing technical services to the new, untapped marketplace.

While most of the early startup activity occurred in the Silicon Valley area of Northern California, other cities around the country have recently become hot beds for technical startups, such as Boston, Austin, Seattle, and the DC/Baltimore region.

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