UMD Center for Environmental Science (UMCES)

A Streamlined Website Brings Science to Life


How a robust content management system restored a scientific information-sharing digital watershed


The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) helps inform how natural resources are protected and sustained. As a global leader in environmental research and education since 1925, UMCES has worked independently and with many partners in addressing the challenges facing the Chesapeake Bay and international ecosystems.


UMCES collaborated with Mindgrub to redesign an outdated website and content management system (CMS). A CMS strategy was put in place that reinforced the UMCES central brand identity, while simultaneously providing each campus and contributor the flexibility to manage, update, and share information at a moment’s notice. A responsive design and build of the website also made it easily viewable from any browser or mobile device.


In situations like this, science, education, and research must converge in a seamless way. The new web environment reinvigorated UMCES, providing a manageable access point for scientific collaboration and sharing of resources, ultimately presenting essential data in a public forum that is used to shape environmental policy decisions.

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