Vehicles for Change

Raising funds through racing adventures with Johnny Speed


Client Challenge

Vehicles for Change is a non-profit organization that needed to come up with an innovative and unique way to raise money. After some creative thinking, Vehicles for Change came to Mindgrub looking for a partner to help develop a mobile game that would raise funds for their company and provide national brand exposure.

Our Solution 

Mindgrub worked with Vehicles for Change to develop a mobile game modeled after “Johnny Speed,” a fictional speed racer who is desperate to escape the media. A player must dodge obstacles, navigate barriers, and flee the paparazzi. Mindgrub worked with Vehicles for Change to come up with various ways to monetize the application experience through in-app purchases. Mindgrub recommended that profits be gained through vehicle upgrades and advertisement space for partners or sponsors. To encourage in-app purchases, Vehicles for Change incorporated the opportunity to win a free car from their company.

More features

Corona SDK
Push Notifications
In-App Purchases

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