Venture Trailers

A Coordinated Approach to Web Strategy Propels Business Growth


A popular East Coast boat trailer manufacturer upgrades its website, increasing sales and driving customer loyalty

For over 30 years, Venture Trailers has been in the business of enhancing the boating experience for skilled boaters, novices, families, and dealers. A leading producer of high-quality boat trailers and trailer parts, the company operates a 114,000 square-foot production facility in Baltimore, Maryland.

The team at Venture Trailers wanted their web presence to reflect the company’s longstanding history of delivering best-in-class products and customer service. The goal of the website redesign was to increase sales by serving a new market segment and improving customer loyalty. In order to achieve that goal, they worked with Mindgrub to:

  • improve Venture Trailers’ organic search performance with a robust content strategy, and
  • provide a frictionless e-commerce experience for its online customers while better serving existing Business-to-Business (B2B) clients (resellers).

Integrating their website with the following technologies allows Venture Trailers to programmatically track inventory, customize the user journey, and provide personalized customer service based on a customer’s profile. In this case, selecting the correct software platforms was a critical part of the customer experience.

  • WordPress - The open source community contributes security patches to the platform continuously, so the CMS will evolve with the security needs of its users.
  • WooCommerce - an e-commerce engine - A low number of bugs and excellent security performance allows Venture Trailers customers to be confident in the safety of their payment information.
  • Netsuite (ERP) and CRM systems integration with their website - Venture Trailers can draw actionable insights from data collected throughout the user journey. They can then use that data to make better decisions about inventory management, delivery operations, marketing, and customer service.
  • Self-service portal - Streamlining and scaling customer service improves their bottom line.

Mindgrub helped Venture Trailers maximize its budget and decrease its time to market by using Pantheon, an agile website operations (WebOps) platform we leverage often. By hosting websites on Pantheon, we can deliver a secure, scalable web experience to our clients while facilitating future iteration and optimization.

We selected Pantheon for this project for the following reasons:

  • Pantheon’s platform handles scalability, security, ongoing monitoring, and system upgrades, eliminating unnecessary spending on manual DevOps labor.
  • Our development team could minimize time to launch while adhering to best practices because Pantheon’s Custom Upstreams and developer tools integrate well with Mindgrub’s workflow.
  • Post-launch, Pantheon’s platform facilitates agile marketing and web operations so Mindgrub can make precise, iterative changes to the website that push the pace of innovation, improve user experience, and allow the site to better achieve its key performance indicators (KPIs).

Venture Trailers has been able to generate revenue from a new market segment by crafting an experience around direct-to-consumer sales. Their revitalized e-commerce experience serves the needs of both individual boaters and resellers, so they are well-positioned to capture more value from their existing customer base, as well. Since launching the new website, Venture Trailers has seen a 27% decrease in bounce rate and a 130% increase in pageviews.

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