Admiral Mobile App

A sales briefcase that fits inside your tablet


Client Challenge

Wheelhouse is an enterprise company that serves the investment and financial industry. They wanted to develop a sales app that integrated with their current back-end proprietary software. The product also needed to include a back-end content management system and additional functionality, such as a presentation builder, powerful analytics tracking, and cross-platform integration. This free app would become an important revenue pipeline for their subscription-based, proprietary software.

Our Solution

Mindgrub built a secure iOS iPad application, which allowed sales teams to manage, deliver, and track presentations for customers. It was developed to sync with multiple back-end systems, such as SalesForce, SalesPage, and Sharepoint. The end result included push notifications, a PDF viewer, and calendar integration, all backed by Rackspace. By creating a system of tight connectivity, Mindgrub made a product for Wheelhouse that enabled sales personnel to use the software and content management system effectively. Admiral is currently available from Wheelhouse on the iTunes store.

Tablet 2
Tablet 3
Tablet 4

More features

Push Notifications
Database Integration
Salespage Integration
Salesforce Integration
Calendar Integration

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