Photo of Vincent Sharps

As Mindgrub's EVP & Chief Business Officer, Vince leads a diverse team of strategists and marketers to grow Mindgrub's impact within Baltimore and beyond. 

He is the son of a retired U.S. Air Force officer, and spent most of his childhood traveling around the country and the world. Vince attributes his worldview and character to his upbringing abroad: Traveling the world at a young age showed him how fortunate he was, especially relative to the youth in other countries. This perspective laid a firm foundation for his belief in the power of compassion.

After settling in Maryland in his early twenties, Vince became a partner in a printing firm. He has had an entrepreneurial spirit ever since. Being a young entrepreneur empowered him to be an advocate for people in his community and beyond. A former cast member on the FOX Reality Television Show, “Good Fellas of Baltimore,” he has also supported and sponsored many nonprofit and networking organizations in the Baltimore area and is one of the founding members of Network for a Cure, Baltimore Business Networking, and Baltimore Means Business.